I am delighted to be a Campaign Supporter for Remember A Charity having first been part of the 2015 “Extreme Will Drafting” Wills Awareness Week advertising campaign. Since then, I have been involved in various activities and am looking forward to the 2020 “Pass on Something Wonderful” Remember A Charity Week.

Charitable giving in Wills is extremely important, especially this year with the significant impact of Covid on individuals, businesses, and charities.  When discussing Wills and estate planning with my clients, I invariably also discuss the question of charitable giving.

Although every year, more and more people are leaving a gift to charity in their Will, there are many misconceptions about leaving legacies to charities in Wills.


Common Myths

Remember A Charity Week 2020 is focused on increasing understanding of gifts in Wills, specifically challenging the following common myths:



A small amount can make a big difference

Some people feel that only wealthy people leave money to charity, but even a small donation can have a massive impact.

Gifts in Wills are a critical source of funding for charitable services across the country, raising more than £3 billion for good causes annually. They fund two out of three guide dogs, 6 out of 10 RNLI lifeboat rescue launches and almost one third of Macmillan’s income, in addition to sustaining an increasing number of smaller and community-based charities.

If you would like to discuss the question of charitable giving and / or how to support charities in your Wills and related matters – either during Remember A Charity Week 2020, or at any time – please contact me on [email protected] or 01296 415700